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The purpose of this site is to share my photos with you. You will therefore find several galleries from different situations and areas.

The larges gallery contains photos from the runs and rallies I participated in with my friends in Vulcan Riders Sweden and foreign associations within the Vulcan Riders Association

Other galleries are from trips I have made in other contexts – both with and without the bike.

There are also some galleries of a more private nature, family photos and materials that concern my genealogy. They are available only to those who I've given special authorization.


I like to experience things and take photos. It's something I often combine.
The photos I use to remember and relive what I been through – again and again.

This is something I love to share with you and then I think this is a good way.


The photos are for everyone who were at the same place as me – or vice versa – and who want to remember – or perhaps remember what they forget – or even remember to forget.
They are here for anyone who wants to see where I and we have been or gone through.
You are as welcome whether you simply want to look at the pictures or want to get inspiration for something you might do.

In short, the photos are here for everyone who likes to watch them no matter the reason.

However, there is a small catch – for you to be able to take advantage of photos. – You must have a user account! – You get one by accepting my terms of use and register.

The photos are not available for some search engines or other indexing functions on the web. This I have taken steps to prevent completely.


Welcome to login and begin to enjoy the pictures and remember or dream of something known or inspired to plan anything. – Who knows? Some images may make you swear at me or even curse me because I was there at the time.


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