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A place with many experiences and memories

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Many pictures show people. Such images should not be swirling around like stray leaves.


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Jag - Taggen

What can I off...
– no, no, no – that's not the way to say it!
There is most certain a lot I can't offer you.
– And that's just wrong!

This is how it must be!
Are you interested in looking at some photos?

OK, than you're at the right spot! Because here you will find lots of different meetings and experiences I've had. They are gathered in galleries of various categories under the menu item "Galleries".

Most of the galleries contain photos from the meetings and experiences I had with my lovely friends in Vulcan Riders Sweden and other associations within Vulcan Riders Association.

It all, that is the Vulcan Riders Sweden thing, began with Norrtälje Custom Show, June 2007 and Vulcan Riders International meeting in Belgium, in August 2007. Since then, it has become a lot of photos in different occasions – several thousand I would say. And this is somethings I hope to be continued for a long time - both the Vulcan Riders and photography things.


Some galleries containing photos from tours, trips and other things I've made on my own, with or without a bike.


There are, for example, photos of a trip I made to the northwestern United States, some tours in the Czech Republic and Prague and some excursions here in "Svedala".

Yes, just start browsing through the galleries.

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