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In short, one can say I'm a bike riding pensioner named Tage Strandell.

OK, among bikers there're not many who know who it is.

But if I instead say my name is Taggen – then it's certainly many who know.

This about riding a bike and photographing is the biggest part of my life right now. Perhaps it is because I'm trying to catch up since I was what you might call a "slow starter". My first bike was a Kawasaki Vulcan VN1500 Classic Tourer (Nomad), I got it as last as the spring 2007. I was of course a big boy so it had to be a big bike.

Since it happened to be this bike I could join the Vulcan Riders Sweden – which I did immediately. It's the best I've done in my life! What wonderful people I have had the opportunity to know because of this – and so many – both in Sweden and around Europe.

Since my interest in photography I take a lot of pictures on our meetings. For me gives the pictures an opportunity to relive all these meetings and experiences - over and over again. Since I'm happy to share this with you I've created this website.

Well – Who am I otherwise

Yes, I was probably a slow starter in this too. On Sundsvall BB I started as a late 40 baby-boomer – late in the year and late at night. Eventually I graduated as a structural engineer in the last graduating class who studied at the 3-year technical school. After that, I made a, what I call, horizontal career. I started right after graduation as a structural and bridge engineer . Then I became self-employed as a salesman of prefabricated houses, municipal energy advisors, traveling salesman of boilers, energy advisors and sellers at electricity suppliers. My professional career, I ended as a data administrator at Customer Service for Vattenfall. In addition to this I have been a security guard at a nightclub, had a brief assignment as detective and been a taxi driver - all in Stockholm.

Photo interest

The photo interest started to grove sometime in my last teens. This interest has since gone a bit up and down over the years. After I joined the Vulcan Riders Sweden, it has been consistently high. Anything other than an amateur photographer, I am not. I might call myself medium advanced party photographer who occasionally go out and photograph other environments and motives.


The most important thing for me is my son! He came to this world in my first marriage when I was a little over 30 years. We have a close and lovely fellowship .

A year before he would start school I and his mother separated. After a while I met a new woman who I married. The marriage lasted for about five years. Since the early 90s, I have been single and enjoy it.

Yes, it was, in short who I am

Naturally, there are a lot more but this I don't tell here. If you want to know more just ask me when we meet some time.


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